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Escaping from a Vehicle in Water

Posted by on Jul 26, 2018 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | Comments Off on Escaping from a Vehicle in Water

No one wants to imagine being in this type of situation, but sometimes life doesn’t take the fair path, so just about anybody could find themselves off the road, their vehicle in the water, and their person still strapped in their seat, with the vehicle starting to sink. “If you get on your phone and call your parents, or your sister, or 911, you will die,” said Robert May, who has worked with the Indiana State Police, specifically their Underwater Search and Recovery Team, for 21 years. In this life-threatening situation, it’s not likely anyone will get there in time to help you, so you need to do what you can and save yourself. First of all, you need to move quickly. Vehicles like minivans could float on water for up to ten minutes, but your chances of surviving...

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How to Safely Pass a Car

Posted by on Apr 16, 2018 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | Comments Off on How to Safely Pass a Car

If you have been driving for more than a minute, you already know you eventually come up on a car that you need to pass. This can be a pretty tense moment for a new driver, but we have put together some basic tips that will help you safely pass that car and get back into the main driving line with confidence. Step 1: Scan the road around you for any possible hazards, such as other cars quickly approaching from the rear (let them pass first) and merging vehicles. Step 2: Check your blind spots. Step 3: Before moving into the passing lane, put your turn signal on to signal your intention, then accelerate into the passing lane. Step 4: Continue acceleration to appropriate speed in passing lane until you have safely passed the intended vehicle, then turn off...

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