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How to Stop Using Cell Phones While Driving

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Driving Tips, Impaired Driving, Safety Tips | Comments Off on How to Stop Using Cell Phones While Driving

Although all drivers are told to never use their cell phones while behind the wheel, there are still countless instances where drivers take a chance and hope they do not cause a fatal accident or destroy property. While many drivers try to claim they can “text responsibly,” there were an estimated 40,200 people killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2016 alone—an increase of six percent since 2015, as per the National Safety Council. Luckily, there are plenty of techniques drivers can use to keep themselves off their phones while driving. Here are a few of the simple ways you can avoid cell phone use to better protect yourself and others on the road. Pull Over If a driver needs to respond to a call immediately, he or she can simply pull the car over and answer the call or...

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Checking Your Car’s Essential Fluids

Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in Car Maintenance, Impaired Driving, Safety Tips | Comments Off on Checking Your Car’s Essential Fluids

To make sure your car stays efficient and reliable, you want to keep up with its maintenance. This includes checking the car’s essential fluids and keeping up with the proper levels. Certain fluids can affect fuel economy as well as your car’s longevity. Here are five of the fluids that will always require a bit of your attention. Antifreeze/Coolant Your engine produces a lot of heat and relies on your coolant levels to absorb all the heat. The right coolant level will prevent overheating and allow your radiator to dissipate heat properly. When adding coolant, which should be checked roughly every 50,000 miles, make sure it’s one made specifically for your car. Mix the coolant with equal parts distilled water to the reservoir, so it can circulate through the radiator easily. Never add coolant while the engine is still...

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