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Smog Checks in New Jersey

Posted by on Oct 18, 2017 in Legal Issues | 0 comments

While smog checks are seemingly more common in states like California, New Jersey has such checks as well, and it would benefit all car owners to have an idea of what these checks entail. In the state of New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission requires many vehicles to submit to emissions inspections once registered and then again once every two years. While this testing’s safety portion has been largely eliminated, there are vehicles that still need safety inspections. For vehicles that don’t pass their inspections, they have to be retested and repaired within a specific timeframe. Also, new state residents have different requirements for their emissions inspection. New Residents in New Jersey Once someone has move into New Jersey, they must have their car inspected within two weeks of being registered unless considered exempt. It should be noted, however, that...

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What Young Drivers Should Know About Recalls

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Legal Issues, Safety Tips | 0 comments

Whether they own their regular car or not, it’s crucial that all drivers understand the importance of safety recalls and taking care of them as soon as possible. Safety recalls, which are a car manufacturer’s way of saying that not only does their product have a defect but also that, if not taken care of, the flaw could jeopardize both your safety and that of any passengers. Fortunately, when recalls are ordered, the manufacturer corrects the defect at no cost to the driver. To learn what else a safety recall entails, check out our quick guide below. Why Recalls Might Happen Recalls can arise due to several kinds of circumstances, with one being safety-related kinks that are exposed after various incidences with specific vehicle models or types. Ford, for example, recalled almost 14 million cars in 2009 after they...

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