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Common Noises from Brakes

Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in Car Maintenance, Driving Tips | Comments Off on Common Noises from Brakes

It can be easy for car owners to take their brakes for granted, assuming they will always be available when we need them without any extra help from us. The only time car owners really think about their brakes is when they notice they aren’t performing as well as they did previously, or distinguishable sounds can be heard during braking. In fact, most auto repair shops say that “brake noises” are among the most common complaints they hear from their customers. Brake noises may be annoying first and foremost, but they may also be a sign of an ongoing issue with the brakes themselves that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. For those who hear one of the following strange noises whenever they use their brakes, they need to get the car to the shop. Grinding Noise...

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Jumpstarting a Battery with Another Car

Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in Car Maintenance, Safety Tips | Comments Off on Jumpstarting a Battery with Another Car

There are fewer things more inconvenient for car owners than a vehicle refusing to turn on. What makes this situation even worse is the fact that it only seems to happen when you have somewhere to be and you’re running late. If you’re fortunate enough to have another car available that does work, you have the opportunity to jumpstart your car using the other car’s functioning battery. In case you ever find yourself stranded by a dead battery and need a jumpstart via another car, then be sure to follow the steps below, and you’ll be on your way. Steps for Jumpstarting a Car Battery If you can, position the cars nose to nose, with roughly 18 inches between them. Make sure you’ve parked far enough from moving traffic and that both vehicles have parking brakes activated. Both vehicles...

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